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HP dv9000 Laptop, QuickPlay and Vista

The HP QuickPlay application on my new HP dv9000t laptop just didn't work with Vista. I found a couple of solutions that worked:

1) Disable user account control
2) Set the HP QuickPlay executable (QP.EXE) to run as administrator

I chose option 2. If there's another way to get QuickPlay to work on Vista, please post a reply and let me know!

How would one go about disabling user account control and on what exactly?

I see much needed answers but lacking your know-how and technical experience, fail to make use of them.

Could you perhaps elaborate on how to perform the given steps?

Disabling User Account Control is pretty easy in Vista.

1) Run User Accounts (from Control Panel)
2) Click on the link labeled "Turn User Account Control on or off"
3) Un-check the check box on the next screen and click the "OK" button

That should do it.

thank you very much

Cant seem to make it work for step two.

Only optoin I seem to find to make it run as admin. is to right click and click 'run as admin' but that opens the program up but wont let me do the whole booting up w/ out booting all of the laptop.

Unfortunately from I've been told by the support folks at HP, is that QuickPlay for Windows Vista requires you to boot up the entire OS. I can only assume that at some point in the future they may change QuickPlay to run without requiring the entire Vista OS to boot up.

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